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The Steeping Leaf has been a longtime dream. What started from a passion for tea, turned into our own tea blending business that found a home on the world wide web ( Now we also want to share our passion for tea and the creative ways to present tea with the local community.

The Steeping Leaf is a gathering place for a relaxing cup of tea in the afternoon, for the well-deserved cup and rest between dropping kids off at school and chores, for the pick-me-up after a stressful day, for the joyful chat with friends while sharing a delicious cup of tea, or for just a cup of tea because you feel like it.

We are serving the highest quality pure leaf tea, as well as delicious tea blends, many hand-crafted by us for our very own Teehüsli Tea brand. Try it hot, try it iced, or wait, why not as gelato. Besides tea, in the traditional water infused form we will also offer it as tasty gelato in the near future. For now we proudly serve deliciously crafted, local, handmade gelato from Mercurio's. A mouthwatering treat awaits your senses.

Looking for a healthy meal during lunch? Come to the Steeping Leaf and enjoy our mouthwatering sandwiches, flavorful salads, and delightful soups. We also offer a variety of baked goods from simple muffins to scrumptious cakes. Of course, they all go well with a delicious cup of tea and some even have tea as an ingredient. 

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